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endless possibilities.

Indoor climbing that shines. Easy, digital and fun. 
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Get ready to climb without limits.

You'll never look at indoor climbing the same way again.

Ready to play?

An interactive wall that allows you to load entertaining games in seconds through our App to test yourself alone or with your friends. 

Train in pro-mode

Make climbing a challenge by creating your own routes, relying on an expert or selecting routes already developed by the community that suit your level. 

Compete and win

Earn money climbing! Exactly as you read... Join our community, pre-register to our App and follow the news to find out how you can do it.

Let's go point by point.

We make it easy for you. The difficulty is up to you. 
Head to a Shiny climbing gym
We'll soon be at your nearest climbing gym, if we're not already... Find us here.
Find our tablet
It's easy, just follow the light... of our holds and you'll find it next to the glowing wall. 
Create or choose your route
Select the option you prefer on our tablet or ask an expert from the center for advice. 
Throw it to the ceiling
Load any route on the wall or our games and trainings and... Let's climb! 

Create your own routes or choose ours.

Climb and train as you prefer with a system that adapts to your level and your needs at all times. 
Create your own routes

As YOU desire

Customize from 0 any type of route by marking holds in our App. Save it with the difficulty level, name it and that's it!
load routes already created

Ready for you

Select the difficulty and choose from hundreds of routes created by our experts, your climbing wall professionals and other users like you. 

Challenging and fun.
Training and playing modes.

Challenge yourself and have a great time climbing alone or in a group. More coming soon, don't miss them!

Join the Shiny climb.

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We want to take our passion for this sport further with you, innovating and creating new ways to enjoy climbing and earn a little money. Do you want to discover everything we have prepared for you? 

Join the best climbing community and don't miss our upcoming events, releases and App updates. 
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¿Are you a climbing gym?

It's time to make your climbing gym shine! Discover how our interactive walls and our App can help you improve your services and facilities by offering a unique experience to your customers.
A digital solution, easy and customized.  
Multiple advantages and benefits. 
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Como Jesulin. En dos palabras In Presionante.
Gabriel Pallas
Muy recomendable ,versatilidad ,infinitas vias, divertida y fácil de usar el software buena elección.
sergio esteban
me gusta mucho usar los juegos de la shiny son divertidos y para gente principiante es lo mejor
Cem Cerdanyola Del Vallès
Una bona solució per a clubs. La tenim instal·lada a Boulder Cerdanyola des del gener de 2023. Tens infinitat de possibilitats i no cal estar pendent d'equipar nous blocs. Els jocs són molt divertits! Ens està agradant molt!
Lo que me gusta un montón recomiendo para personas más jóvenes que yo venga ánimo adelanteeeee
Pili Herrera Lázaro
Me ha encantado e flipado lo recomiendo un monton. Repitire .leexpexperienciaexoeriame
Mari Carmen Herrera
Me ha gustado mucho, para ir en familia es muy divertido y recomendable.
Mila Herrera Lázaro
¡He probado la Shiny y me ha encantado, totalmente recomendable! Tanto si quieres entrenar duro como si quieres pasar un buen rato con alguno de sus juegos.
One wall, endless ways. 
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