We are engineers, but more importantly, we are climbers.

Co-founder & CCO
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO

Our purpose

We are determined to transform the way people experience indoor climbing. We are passionate about constantly implementing and innovating technology applied to the sport, improving the way people train and making it more fun and accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to create the largest indoor climbing community and share our passion with all those who, like us, see this sport as a way of life.

The project

Shiny Wall was born in June 2021, thanks to our passion for climbing and our knowledge as engineers. It came about because we wanted an interactive wall at home, but the available options did not meet our expectations. So we decided to create our own interactive wall.

After weeks of work, we managed to optimise the system and solve problems that other brands had not been able to solve, which allowed us to create a wall that offered a unique and fun user experience.

Then we lit up like our holds and said.... Why not make it accessible to everyone?

We got down to work and started to develop what is now Shiny Wall, a project to revolutionise the indoor climbing sector.
One wall, endless ways. 
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