Climbing has changed.
Why not your climbing gym?

Discover how our interactive walls and App can help you improve your services and facilities by offering a unique experience.

We help you to transform your climbing gym.

We set up interactive walls that light up controlled through an App that allows you to design infinite routes, access games and training modes quickly and easily.
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Offer a digital experience.
With our app you can design and upload any route you can imagine, from the comfort of a mobile phone or tablet. Users will feel like an active part of your climbing gym by creating routes. 
Improve and optimise your training.
Provide coaches and instructors with a tool to schedule targeted classes and offer a wealth of content to your climbers.
We make use of your existing installation.
Whether you have a boulder wall or a sports wall, we set up our interactive system without the need to install a new structure. 
Forget about retrofitting.
Your fitters will be able to optimise their time by creating new routes quickly and easily without having to re-equip the wall every week. 

Endless possibilities in very little space.

We make the most of every square metre. 
Adaptable and customised
Our system adapts to your installations and to the wall concept you want. 
Enlarge whenever you want
Not enough for you? We can advise you on how to optimally expand your ShinyWall.

It's as easy as you can imagine.
Connect to the wall and start climbing. 

The Shiny Wall App.

Take control of your interactive wall through our intuitive and easy-to-use App for both you and the climbers in your climbing gym. 

Create unlimited routes. 

Design any type of route by selecting the holds and their function from our tablet. Save it with the difficulty level, name it and it's ready to choose!

Load games and trainings.

Load entertaining games and training in seconds with difficulty levels to suit every climber profile in your climbing gym. 

We create your unique and customised wall

Need something unique? You won't find others. 

We build your new wall or install our system on any wall you already have. We adapt to any dimension of wall you need, with or without overhang, with the density and type of holds you prefer.
You will have a unique Shiny: You will have to create all the routes and choose the holds distribution.
Our system is the only one that can be adapted to rope walls.
Change the distribution of the holds whenever you want and you will have a new wall: you will have to create new routes.

Shiny Packs

Some of our pre-configured products for your climbing gym, ready to assemble!


We give it to you chewed up! Choose our standard wall designed by expert fitters. A defined wall size with optimal holds placement and density.


Do you have an auto-belay? Set up your own speed climbing system to train or compete by registering the records of the users of your climbing gym. 

Shiny Campus

Improve your campus! It allows advanced users to create and automate trainings and access predefined workouts for all levels. 

We have Top Holds. 

Start, hand and foot also.

We work with a wide range of holds from expert manufacturers in the industry who manufacture them with translucent material especially for us.
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Our Shiny projects.

Be careful, they dazzle. 

Our bright customers.

  • "Con la instalación de la Shiny pudimos darle una segunda vida a una pared del rocódromo que teníamos abandonada y la idea de que pudieran trabajar sobre esa misma pared nos encantó. Ahora nuestros entrenadores tienen muchas más herramientas para utilizar en las clases dirigidas."
    Joan Gimenez · Owner Bloc District (Barcelona)
  • "The Shiny is spectacular! If you need to innovate your climbing gym, trust the work of our colleagues at Shiny Wall. They will advise you and develop any type of wall, illuminating the holds for endless fun in your room. Through the LED lighting of their translucent holds you will have a multifunctional and endless wall for your customers".
    Paco Reina · Owner Gravetat Zero (Terrassa)
  • "We have a boulder Shiny that drops about 25º and people love it! Both those who want to train hard and those who are just starting out are very motivated by this system. We liked it so much that we're already working on installing another Shiny in our climbing gym".
    Jorge Puigmal · Owner Espacio Acción (Madrid)
  • "It's an ideal complement to our climbing gym. We have a lot of routes in a small space and the users love it. The youngest members of the space use it a lot in class and have a great time playing on it."
    Elena Pollán · Owner Es Roco (Formentera)
  • "It was a difficult decision to make as we are a small club and it was a big investment for us, but everyone in the club is delighted with the Shiny. The fact that we don't have to be changing holds to create new blocks suits us perfectly, because we don't have a fitter like we do in a climbing gym."
    Enric Del Amo · President CEM Cerdanyola

Do you want us to shine up your climbing gym?

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One wall, endless ways. 
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